Our Growth

The Hairu Group of Companies which at present comprises of 21 diversified companies and still propelled to grow had its beginnings in 1994 when Eng Z. M. Hairu formed a small company under the name & style of Hairu Associates. At the outset the scope and extent of the business was limited to design of residential premises and supporting construction companies with consultancy services. To facilitate its core business and to provide excellent service to its clients Hairu Associates later incorporated an associate company Premier Development & Technology (Private) Limited. Additionally it was extended to provide IT education along with software solutions.

The growth phase with more complex design and consultancy assignments were initiated in 2010 by obtaining an award from the Qatari government for the development of the Fisheries sector in the Union of Comoros. From this point the company began expanding steadily, embarking upon ambitious projects in the energy sector locally as well as securing further assignments in Comoros and in other African countries, resultantly creating local and foreign joint ventures. The partnering model the company used was based on mutual respect and the understanding that partners provided the essential knowledge to develop its regional markets together with the belief that its strength lay in its human resources. These principles still prevail today in the ongoing growth of the company and are very much the culture of the organization.

A policy of conglomerate diversification saw the company grow from its roots in engineering design into fisheries, boat manufacture, bio-mass power generation, infrastructure development, environment management, cement panels, agriculture, rice based food technology, hotels, tourism and airline sectors. Currently the Hairu Group of Companies are well poised to continue its industry sector and geographic expansion locally and globally thus enabling it to diversify further through additional partnerships and planned acquisitions.

Thus Hairu Group of Companies' commitment to entrepreneurial spirit and partnership, initiated by Eng Z. M .Hairu in the last millennium drives the company towards a vision of being a preferred global provider of technical, project and operational services to its clientele, using its distinctive culture to create superior value for its customers as well as prosperity for its external, internal and connected stakeholders. The long list of companies in the Group as shown here is evidence.