Hairu Naval Craft Engineering

“Produce boats for fishing, services and leisuret”

Mission:To develop our competencies in Naval Craft Engineering by collaborating with international experts in order to represent a global brand image for Affordable, Efficient and Reliable Naval Crafts for Fisheries, Commercial & Leisure sectors with a true Sri Lankan identity.

To achieve its mission HNCE will focus on building fiber glass boats that are most cost effective, lightweight and more productive with product diversification plan to produce fishing vessels, leisure crafts and speed crafts & Luxury boats. HNCE has a well appointed factory with state of the art technology and infrastructure with a fully fledge repairing centre which is situated in close proximity to the Oluvil commercial & fishing harbor in the eastern province of Sri Lanka.

The facility is well laid out to meet the high standards and comprises of sub offices that undertake activities such as, testing of the boats, completed boat storage, raw material and equipment storage, component & accessories storage for boat manufacturing. HNCE skilled team has trained obtained international expertise from Vripack of Netherlands for our designs and other partners of HNCE is to exploit business opportunities available both in the African region and Middle East.

We have also obtained international expertise from Vripack of Holland for our designs and also other partners to exploit business opportunities available both in the Union of Comoros as well as other international markets.